I Do Believe in Miracles


“We live in a world where perception out weighs what is factual or real.” Coming off the heels of a successful 2006, we entered this season with high hopes and expectations.  On opening day, the Shea Stadium hopeful stood.  “We believe” placards near their belts.  They had an idea of what was to come.  A promise to them that this season would lead to walk-off homeruns, extended winning streaks, save opportunities and of course, “Wave” opportunities.  Mets fans will have their fun.    We began to reinforce those beliefs sweeping the St. Louis Cardinals, the World Champions, and suppressing an old rival.  Legions of Met fans trusted their hearts and relinquished there love for their team once again. With steady steer and cavalier, the SS Minaya was docked for a formidable year.  The Mets saw themselves in first place with a 15-9 record under the navigation of their captain and his first mates.  With the rise in tide eminent. It brought doubt and despair, taking its toll on the young and old.  The disabled list now full to capacity.  The Mets needed to remain clear, consider a playoff run this year and stay afloat. On June 1, the Mets went on to lose twelve of their next fifteen games, allowing their competitors a chance to get back into the race.  With the Mets wading, mistakes were magnified and careless play was granted no leniency.  The sluggers were forced to prove their might.  The bullpen held the sail strong and tight.  I believe the Mets will be victorious tonight.   For the story on this day is a beacon of promising delight.  The second leg on this journey will answer the question. Will the waters of Flushing Bay still hold when the reflection of LaGuardia goes cold and we have to say good night?   


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