The Super Bowl

The Giants made it to the Super Bowl.
But they are still considered underdogs.
The last time I checked the spread was twelve in favor of the Pats.
I think it will be a good game but with the fluidity of the New England Patriot offense, it could get out of hand.

The Giants’ defense has been solid and Eli Manning has finally woken up.

As for the Patriots, I think they should have put a hurting on the San Diego Chargers. Chargers QB Philip Rivers was hobbling around the field, rehabbing from knee surgery, performed right after the divisional playoff win against the Indianapolis Colts.

The confidence of the San Diego Chargers offense line was frazzled as they watched their quarterback throw off-balance side arm passes just to keep from falling over. Meanwhile there was an able-bodied QB standing on the sidelines with a clipboard, wearing headphones, and sending out plays, just boggles my mind. Such is the mentality of the NFL.

Now, if I was the coach, I would have told Rivers he couldn’t play.
If you trust the system you’ve been running this whole time, your team should run smoothly. But I will give the Chargers credit for showing up. And their most important component of their offense, LaDainian Tomlinson was hurt and out of the game.

As for the drama that took place this past Sunday in Green Bay, it allowed for the New York Giants to further catapult their fairytale season to include the most important game of any NFL player’s career, the Super Bowl.

I wonder if this recent Giants playoff team will give us the same duds from the past for example, former head coach Jim Fassel, who guaranteed that his Giants would make the playoffs and QB Kerry Collins, a man who endured years of abstinence from debauchery only to cough up four turnovers for interceptions. That year the Giant defense possessed names like Hamilton, Armstead, and Sehorn. And the place kicker was none other than a guy named Daluiso.
And so goes the flipside.
We now have a Tynes kicking extra points and an attacking defense lead by Umenyiora, Kiwanuka, and McQuarters.

The two players that have bridged the gap between Super Bowl appearances, one defensive, the other offensive, are with utmost respect wide receiver Amani Toomer, whom I met almost ten years ago when he first started with the Giants inside a Long Island steakhouse, he came across to me as dependable with a quiet reserve.
As for the other household name, defensive end Michael Strahan, who decided to skip training camp this year, knows what its like to witness an old-fashioned Baltimore Ravens-style defensive statement.

I have a good feeling about this year’s chances in the Super Bowl. And the one thing is for sure, it’s been a great ride.

Good luck Big Blue!

P.S. Do it for Shockey.


1 Response to “The Super Bowl”

  1. 1 newyorkmonitor
    January 26, 2008 at 3:44 am

    I’m back in Ukraine after spending 10 days in Hurghada, Egypt. Its was a lot fun. We went to Cairo and saw the Great Pyramids, and then we visited Luxor and saw the tombs of the kings, at the Valley of the Kings, where King Tut was buried.
    I’ll be back to the states on tuesday night.
    We got back last night from Egypt, so i got to watch the game via msn. (But, only the play by play, no video or audio.

    But dude, they won! I really can’t believe it!
    I eventually got to see the highlights this morning. Amazing game, classic game. It was definitely a Giants kind of game. I was up until 6 o’clock in the morning here waiting for the results.(its about a 7 hour difference)
    Talk to you when i get back. Egypt is such a wierd and interesting place.
    and why aren’t the mets signing Ryan Church yet?!

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