Who’s Telling the Truth


The main event was not the stomping of New York Giants linebacker Michael Strahan.

It was not the soft-spoken lather of New York Knicks coach Isiah Thomas, or the swirling trade talks surrounding alleged male chauvinist, New Jersey Nets All-star guard Jason Kidd.

Not even the introduction of Queens County’s newest representative, left hander and All-star Johan Santana could draw so much attention.

Among these exciting metropolitan events, there is the barking and barking of nationwide constituents.

When did ex-trainer Brian McNamee inject a needle into All-star right hander Roger Clemens’ buttocks?

McNamee publicly put his own ass on the line (so to speak) stating under oath that he could provide hard evidence. The type of evidence that can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the rear-end of seven-time Cy Young award winner Roger Clemens was stripped and violated.

As fast as Clemens innocently inquired from McNamee, “hey man is this stuff bad for me,” Clemens must quickly now be considering his plans for retirement and Hall of Fame legacy as this trial moves on.

New York Yankees left-hander Andy Pettite and former utility player Chuck Knoblauch’s cooperation with the latest celebrity watch dog, the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, helped ease tensions and add some much needed water under that symbolic bridge.

We all well know by now, that the powers that be did not take lightly to the fact that this new breed of “performance-enhanced men” could defy God and cheat the American people of their beloved pastime.


Riding off into the “Sun”set

Other news that has stirred up some intrigue recently is the return of NBA center Shaquille O’Neal to the Western Conference. The Phoenix Suns traded for the aging O’Neal hoping to add some beef to its high-powered offense.


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