Am I drowning, or do I think I’m drowning?


The latest “break down” for this current U.S. administration involves an ongoing investigation into the practice known as “waterboarding,” an early form of interrogation that was deemed ill by past American courts.

But since the president has declared war, the CIA among others have been given free reign over all terror suspects who find themselves inside a legal bind.

If you happen to fall victim to interrogation and decide not to “come clean,” then you will be subjected to a subtle form of torture. An unknown source of water being poured over your nose and mouth creating a feeling of drowning will ensue.

Most recently, the Justice Department’s internal ethics office, the Office of Professional Responsibility or OPR, is preparing an unclassified report that will detail the trail of findings that led this recent American government to allow this sort of practice.


In regards to another investigation, Republican Senator John McCain’s ethics were tested once again as one of the chairman on his presidential campaign, Rick Renzi, was indicted by a federal grand jury on thirty-five counts of corruption. The senator has alluded in the past that Representative Renzi exercised “honesty and integrity” towards his legion of voters.

The forty-nine year-old representative of Arizona found out the hard way in trying to compete with the big boys by embezzling funds from his own insurance company’s trust accounts to finance his first Congressional campaign in 2001.


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